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Social Media



Company:            Howell Marketing

Location:                   Vancouver, BC

The Challenge

As a newly established real estate marketing company,

Howell's goal is to build its online presence. 

Earthy Boho Interior Design Website Instagram Story (5000 × 5000 px).png

What I Did

Content Creation

To establish Howell social media accounts, I first started with brainstorming content pillars and monthly content calendar.

Based on the content calendar, I went ahead and develop the content for each post. This requires researching topics that are relevant to the industry and our targeted audience. To catch audience's attention and visualize the post, I utilized Canva to make the graphics.

Social Media Management

After having all content and graphics in place, I utilized Meta Business Suite to schedule post. To keep the social media profile active, I frequently interact with other similar industry accounts, replying to comments and direct questions. 

Earthy Boho Interior Design Website Instagram Story.png
Earthy Boho Interior Design Website Instagram Story-2.png
Earthy Boho Interior Design Website Instagram Story-3.png



Company:          Alexander College

Location:                      Burnaby, BC

The Challenge

As a the winning team for Alexander College Student Association, our goal was to represent the student body to voice our needs to the school. To stay connected with the study body, we establish an Instagram account where we can share student activities and school activations.


What I Did

Social Media Content Creation and Management

With two goals in mind: Sharing school's activities to students, and connecting students through school activities, I actively create and share content on the student association's account

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