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Marketing Analytics

Monitor and analyze

performance marketing results


Company:         Bosa Properties Inc

Location:           Vancouver, BC

Google Analytucs.png

The Challenge

Known for luxury branding and quality build, Bosa Properties Inc. has a strong and growing Marketing department. Having a consistent budget for performance marketing, Bosa's goal is to consistently monitor and adjust its strategy to optimize

ad performance.

What I Did

Performance Marketing Analytics

During the launch of seasonal Paid ad campaigns, I monitored the performance of our campaign across multiple platforms, utilizing Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, and MS Excel.

By paying close attention to weekly fluctuations in one platform and across platforms, I was able to highlight weeks in which our marketing performance was unusual (i.e underspend channel, higher than average Cost Per Lead). 

Total Spend
Total Clicks
Paid Conversions
Cost Per Lead

The Result

Based on the  weekly reports, brand managers were timely notified of unusual marketing performance. We were able to trace back to potential causes or modify

the ad strategy accordingly 

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